Is the rain getting you down?

17 September 2021 by
Is the rain getting you down?
2Hot2Cold Ltd

Yup, it’s getting a bit boring now. After all, with summer travel still difficult and all the challenges of the last 18 months, we do all really need some warm sunny weather and some long balmy days spent in the garden.

But if the rain is determined to hang about all summer, here are a few simple ideas to recreate a little bit of that summer feeling indoors.

After all, if you have a conservatory, it’s the perfect place to soak up what there is of the summer’s warmth:

  1. Go tropical. Tropical fabrics and wallpapers are still very much the rage and you can still get the look without spending a fortune. A few tropical cushions, a throw, a lightshade or a feature wall all add colour and interest and can bring a touch of the exotic indoors as well as brighten up a tired conservatory.
  2. Talking of plants… House plants can grow tired but in this mild and damp weather, they may welcome a few days spent outside for some fresh summer rain and a freshen up. If you haven’t got any house plants, a conservatory can be the perfect setting for some more exotic looking plants. Fill your conservatory with succulents, palms and ferns to create that Caribbean feel. House plants are great for air quality too so it’s a win win.
  3. Candles and lighting. You can do an awful lot to improve the gloom with some careful lighting and some scented candles. If you have a solid roof, consider a roof window or spot lighting and if you have a glass conservatory, what about fitting a stylish new ceiling to dull the glare? Candles can add ambiance turning a bland space into somewhere that smells great and is warm and inviting.
  4. Natural materials are also still very popular and you could add bamboo standard lamps or bowls, stone jars and earthenware, terracotta plant pots, and natural colour rugs in natural fabrics. If you have wall space, what about pictures of tropical birds or flowers in simple wooden frames. If you shop around this can be easy to achieve with not much expense.
  5. So far, we’ve talked about the look and even the smell of your outdoor / indoor space but let’s not forget the sound! What’s going to help you recreate that summer vibe? Some Calypso music, party anthems or what about downloading an App and playing the sound of crashing waves or singing cicadas. Then all you have to do is mix yourself a cocktail and relax.
  6. Of course, the ultimate make over for a conservatory is to install a new ceiling and roof. This creates a stunning and stylish new look and also blocks out the sound and sight of the never-ending rain. Your new space then can be easily adapted to be cool and exotic in summer and snug and inviting in autumn and winter. Just swap the exotic prints for some warm autumn colours and some well placed pinecones and you’re good to go. A new conservatory roof and ceiling will also save you money on your heating bills and create a space you can use all year round.

So if you’re fed up with sitting indoors watching the summer rain, why not begin planning how to get more life out of your home?

Is the rain getting you down?
2Hot2Cold Ltd 17 September 2021
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