Conservatory Flat Roofs

Gone are the days when your flat roof had to have a bitumen or asphalt surface which tended to be heavy and sensitive to extreme weather, cracking and ageing.

Fibreglass is a lightweight alternative and is strong, long lasting and fully waterproof. It doesn’t tear or deteriorate under UV light or extreme heat and will tolerate foot traffic.

The result is a conservatory roof which is waterproof, fire-resistant and draft free. Our fibreglass roofs come with a 10-year guarantee and insurance backed warranty.

How we use fibreglass to create a conservatory flat roof

Only the best materials

Fibreglass, or GRP as it’s also known (Glass Reinforced Plastic) has been the material of choice for flat roofs in the UK for over seventy years because it’s tough, reliable and 100% waterproof.

Suitable for both commercial and domestic buildings, fibreglass is a highly regarded product because of its simplicity and safety record, and because its lifespan outstrips standard felt roofs.

The result is a conservatory roof, which is waterproof, fire-resistant and draft-free. Fibreglass roof comes with a 10-year guarantee and insurance backed warranty.

It’s easy to install and low maintenance

The age, condition and whether your roof panels are glass or polycarbonate will determine whether the roof framework can be re-used or totally replaced. Our fitters are skilled roofers that can reconstruct a roof to include an insulated ceiling.

Stylish and cost effective.

Once installed, you will instantly notice an improvement in thermal efficiency and a reduction in external noise.
Our flat roofs are warmer on colder days, cooler on hotter days, smarter, quieter, and have greater thermally efficiency, all of which combine to reduce energy bills.
A no hassle installation that will transform your lean to into a useable, stylish space to enjoy.

Tired, polycarbonate conservatory roof

Discoloured, dirty and noisy

Roof is removed and rebuilt with new timber rafters

Thermal installation installed

Finished ceiling. This is a white wood embedded finish

The roof is prepared for the final finishing coat to be applied

The fibreglass coating is applied for a flat, smooth waterproof finish


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