Check your seals

14 August 2023 by
Check your seals
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As the sun finally comes out after weeks of rain, there’s been a collective sigh of relief across the UK. Summer is here at last and if we can’t go on holiday, we can at least enjoy some long sunny days. But that said, if you’re a traditional conservatory owner, things might look a little different.

You may have spent the last few weeks catching the drips and leaks as the rain hammered your conservatory roof and now the sun has come out, your conservatory probably feels like a furnace meaning you need to avoid it like the plague. Worst still, the weather we’re experiencing at the moment is potentially very damaging for your conservatory.

Wood and wet weather

Wood absorbs water and as a result it expands. If any part of your conservatory is made of wood that means that over the last few weeks, the wood has slowly absorbed the moisture from the rain and has expanded as a result.

Think about a wooden garden gate that suddenly becomes difficult to open. It’s often following a wet period during which the wood has expanded and is rubbing on the frame. The same happens with your conservatory and this expansion in itself can put pressure on a conservatory frame because it involves movement and pressure, and this can affect the tightness of the fit of the glass into the frame.

The impact of hot temperatures

Having had weeks of wet weather, we’ve now experienced a really hot few days which in turn will dry out the wood in your conservatory. That in turn causes the wood to shrink which involves more movement and even though the movement may be imperceptible to the eye, it’s enough to undermine the integrity of the seal of your glass panes in their frames.

So check your seals

Of course, a degree of movement is normal, but this has been exaggerated with the quite extreme weather we’ve been experiencing. All of which means your conservatory could be at risk of damage. It’s not easy to check your conservatory roof but you do need to be mindful of any drips, leaks, loose panes, and cracked panes. You should also check the sealant (which is often putty in older conservatories) to see whether it is still intact or has cracks or indeed in some cases, whether chunks of it have fallen away.

Give us a call

If you’ve had enough of drips, leaks, soaring temperatures, broken panes and constant repairs, why not give us a call. Within a couple of days, we can replace your conservatory roof with a lightweight tiled alternative. It won’t leak, your conservatory won’t get too hot in the summer, you won’t need to do endless repairs and it will look great! And you can start enjoying the summer – whatever the great British weather has in store!

Check your seals
2Hot2Cold Ltd 14 August 2023
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