Interior design trends for your home in 2021

With so much time spent at home at the moment, interior design is getting a lot of attention this year. So, we’ve had a look to see what’s trending so far in 2021 so that you can make your home super stylish and a great place to be during lockdown.
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Interior design trends for your home in 2021
2Hot2Cold Ltd

Cottage comfort
Cottage comfort involves a country living look with gingham throws, velvet cushions, beautiful pottery and dried flowers. Somewhere you can escape from the world and get back to life’s simple pleasures.

With holidays cancelled, stress levels up and socialising not allowed, a key trend for 2021 is going to be all about finding a little luxury wherever you can. That may be in the shape of rich and luxurious vintage and heritage prints and wallpapers, a Victorian style look (armchairs, rich fabrics, powerful furniture) or huge and luxurious fluffy towels in the bathroom. They key to this look is making it personal with signature items and making it feel a little decadent: perhaps a huge, opulent rug or an indulgent lavish new desk or piece of art.

Roof windows
In turbulent times, home needs to be a place of calm and balance and it would appear one way we are achieving this in 2021 is by flooding our homes with natural light and lots of fresh air. Combined with botanicals, flora and fauna and inspiration from nature: leaf prints, houseplants and natural wood, we’re bringing the outside in to create a place that feels grounded and earthy, at the same time as feeling healthy and light.

Style meets reality
Above all else this year, the trend and necessity is set to be about making your home perform multiple functions while remaining aesthetically pleasing. That’s the challenge: style needs to be functional, creating a home that supports your wellbeing but can be adapted in a nutshell to go from cool kitchen to homework hub. Carve out a corner of a room to create a stylish but simple urban style study area and dedicate the other half of the room to “Japandi” (where Scandinavian calm meets Japanese chic) – think neutral colours and natural materials – wood, bamboo, stone. You’ll need to be creative with your space and create clearly defined areas to get the most out of your home.

Create a new look for your home
At 2Hot2Cold, we can’t help you with fluffy towels, velvet cushions or dried flowers but we can help you transform a tired and under used conservatory into a stylish and usable space. And we may also be able to help with roof windows in your new conservatory roof. Replacing your conservatory ceiling and roof will give your conservatory a whole new look as well as controlling the temperature (so it’s never too hot or too cold) and saving you money on bills. Then all you have to do is add your own finishing touches and sense of style to create a space that you love and use every day.

COVID safety compliant
We are still open for business as permitted during the current lockdown. We have worked hard to ensure we can quote and install your conservatory roof in a socially distanced and safe way. We can provide remote quotes and consultations and our installers can install a replacement roof without the need to have any contact with you. Our installers have been trained in safe practices in respect of COVID 19 and will leave your conservatory clean and tidy.

Why not call us now to find out more or to get a no obligation quote.

Interior design trends for your home in 2021
2Hot2Cold Ltd 14 April 2021
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