Where did the sun go?

28 July 2022 by
Where did the sun go?
2Hot2Cold Ltd

This time last week we were writing about how to keep cool in a heatwave as temperatures were set to soar over the weekend. Roll forward to today, and we’ve just dug out our flippers and wetsuit! But hey, that’s British weather for you.

But whilst many of us are used to the changing face of summer here in the UK, it’s at about this time of year, as we enjoy the first summer storms that problems can start to show up in conservatories.

Grab the buckets

With so many people having moved house in the last few months, we know lots of you are enjoying conservatory living for the first time. And even though your conservatory may have passed when you had your survey done, the first sign that something is wrong is normally just a drip or two from the ceiling which can easily be confused with condensation. But whatever you do, don’t ignore these warning signs or before you know it, you’ll be catching incoming water in a bucket.

All sorts of things could be the problem. In older wooden conservatories, you may have wood rot, or damaged wooden beams or it could just be age and wear and tear. Alternatively, you may find that fallen summer branches have damaged glass panes. Even with PVC conservatories, if your conservatory is older, you may find that the overall integrity of the structure has started to deteriorate resulting in drips and leaks.

The solution

You’ve got a number of solutions available to you: get up on the roof in the rain and try and fix it (or get someone in to do this for you). This might get you through the summer, but it isn’t necessarily a long term fix. Or you could just move the furniture out of the conservatory and shut the door. After all, it was too hot in the summer anyone.

Or alternatively, you could give us a call to discuss a replacement roof. You might be surprised by our roofing systems. They are state of the art, long lasting and extremely lightweight and can be fitted on to almost any existing conservatory. But they’re also affordable as well as quick and easy to install. And they look amazing…natural from the outside with imitation slate and stylish from the inside with a clean, professional look.

The result

Conservatory life with one of our new roof and ceiling systems is pretty special. You can enjoy long days in the summer without getting too hot, followed by long summer evenings watching the stars without getting too cold. Come the winter, you can snuggle up with a book and enjoy the wind and the snow without freezing to death. All without a drip or a leak in sight.

So grab a bucket by all means. But grab your phone too and give us a call. The weather is set to get pretty wet over the next couple of days and you don’t want to spend the rest of the summer emptying buckets!

Where did the sun go?
2Hot2Cold Ltd 28 July 2022
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