Enjoy Easter in the Conservatory

Easter is just around the corner and the easing of lockdown is progressing, albeit it at a steady pace.
2 March 2021 by
Enjoy Easter in the Conservatory
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Easter is just around the corner and the easing of lockdown is progressing, albeit it at a steady pace. Of course, lots of us our desperate to see family and friends again but we’re also mindful of doing so safely, not just at Easter but for the long haul, until we finally beat this awful virus.

And that means that now is a time when your conservatory comes into its own. It’s ideal for socially distanced get togethers. Older members of the family can sit in the conservatory protected from wind, cold or hot sun (let’s hope), with the doors and windows wide open to ensure lots of fresh air, enjoying the company of family who are seated outside.

Little ones too, who may not be so keen to sit in the garden or who may feel the cold can play in the conservatory within sight, while adults gather outside. And nobody feels like they’ve been completely segregated from the others.

If your conservatory is looking a bit weather worn, don’t worry. It’s really quick and easy to spruce up. Call us to sort out the ceiling and roof and we can install a new and stylish conservatory ceiling in a couple of days.

The new ceiling will help keep out the heat and keep in the warm, and you won’t need to get up on the roof to clean unsightly panes of glass. It will also reduce noise from outside, so you can still enjoy your downtime even if the neighbours have turned up the volume. And of course, it provides you with more privacy because upstairs neighbours cannot see into your conservatory.

We can also install new gutter boxes and a stylish slate roof too. And with your ceiling sorted, then all that’s left for you to do, is give the windows a quick wash, dust off some comfy chairs, vibrant cushions and of course, throw open the doors.

It’s been a tough year, and we all know that we’re going to need to be cautious for some time to come. If you’ve got a conservatory, you’re in the unique position of being able to enjoy being safe with loved ones without family being left out in the cold. And everybody deserves that! All you need now is a big bowl of chocolate Easter eggs!

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Enjoy Easter in the Conservatory
2Hot2Cold Ltd 2 March 2021
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