Why do we use Leka?

17 April 2024 by
Why do we use Leka?
2Hot2Cold Ltd

We often get asked why we use the Leka conservatory roof system. It’s a good question because we spent a lot of time finding the right solution and there are a number of reasons why Leka ticked all the right boxes.


U value and thermal efficiency has never been more important. From doing our bit to help reduce household emissions (which make up a substantial part of overall emissions which in turn contribute to climate change), to trying to bring down our heating bills at a time of soaring prices. Thermal efficiency really matters and is no longer a luxury for conservatory owners but a must. And the Leka systems offers an overall U value from 0.12 which is currently one of the best on the market.

Building approval

Quite rightly, if you’re thinking of making alterations to your conservatory you will be thinking about whether you need building approval. There isn’t always a straightforward answer to this because it may depend on what work you’re doing. But the Leka system is fully approved by MFA. MFA is a building inspector licenced by the Government via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) to carry out Building Regulations approval (Building Control) as an alternative to Local Authorities. The Leka system has undergone a lengthy and in-depth assessment including Leka training packages to ensure all the structural details are accurate and that all of the condensation risk analysis reports, and U value calculations are correct and up to date. For you, that means a properly installed Leka system will be building control complaint and this in turn brings real peace of mind.

State of the art materials

The Leka system is made up of a number of key components and all of them are state of the art when it comes to quality and performance.

‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ (GRP) rafters are long lasting, lightweight and not prone to: worm, moisture absorption, condensation or thermal bridging like bulky Aluminium alternatives.

Internal Leka sheets are added underneath the GRP rafters, and these are 100% waterproof and one third the weight of plasterboard, with unique thermal qualities. They also allow for a traditional plaster skim finish or a standard 12.5mm plasterboards finish.

Insulated Celotex sheets are also fitted, and Celotex is one of the UK’s leading insulation specialists, providing high value thermal efficiency. Insulated outer sheets are then added and these are significantly lighter than other roof covering boards, 100% waterproof and again, thermally efficient. Finally, after a high-grade breathable membrane is fitted, a premium slate roof tile system is added. These lightweight alternatives to tiles are stylish and very durable.

High standards of craftsmanship

Network VEKA was established to enforce commitment from its members to install products to the highest standard and with precision craftsmanship. Leka is approved by VEKA.

The right values

All this adds this up to a conservatory roof system that:

  • Typically fitted in 2-3 days
  • Lightweight
    Cost Effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • MFA Approved
  • 40 Years Warranty on Leka Components
  • Is recognized as a leading product within its sector.

That’s why we chose Leka.

Why do we use Leka?
2Hot2Cold Ltd 17 April 2024
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